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Looking for a functioning Discord ranking system? Botnetic provides you a Ranking Bot which you can control at your fingers, via Discord. Our ranking services are used in for small and major groups!

Additionally, Botnetic updates quite often, provides 24/7 support, and is growing at a consistent speed!    


Constant Development

Our team works actively to ensure our products and services are functioning correctly, and updated to offer easy use to Customers.

Affordable Prices

Our products and services are affordable for any group who need a ranking service.

We beat the competition, quality and price wise.

Experienced and tested

Our service has been tested by many major and small groups, we are providing the service for more than 1000 users and more than 10 groups. We insure that all customers are happy.

Our Top.gg Listing


Botnetic Counters

Botnetic Counters are rising in a huge amount!


Total users

Botnetic has access to over 300k+ different roblox users from groups. Its a trusted ranking service with awesome features.


Total commands

Our discord bot has many commands that you allows you to do many things! It helps you alot with moderation, ranking and others!



Our services are customizable as much as possible. We also allow customers to suggest us new features. Explore the unexplored.

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